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When you need a webpage.

Whether it is a simple landing page to let customers know the basics, or a complex multi-page site with custom fields, let South County Creative take care of that.


When you need some photos.

Need professional headshots or a family portrait?  What about some promotional photos or images for your annual financial report? South County Creative has you covered.


When you need some creativity

When PowerPoint wont cut it, we can develop a look for your company or brand that will stand out from the competition. If you think its lame, it probably is.  Let South County Creative rehab your look.


When you need a story.

Don’t think for a second your story isn’t important.  If you aren’t memorable, you will be forgotten.  Your narrative is everything and when customers think of your brand they will always remember _____.  Let South County Creative tell your story.

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Digital Engagement Strategies

Web Design

First impressions are the most important and your website may be the first time a customer discovers you.  The best websites are unique and simple to navigate.  We start with who you are, and then design around that.

Instagram filters don't cut it


Sure your iPhone is great, but that wont cut it when you need something special.  Professional photography makes all the difference.  Whether it is a family portrait done by the beach or Linda needs a new headshot in the office, SCC will capture whatever you need.  We make it very easy.

Now for the artsy stuff

Graphic Design

Graphic designers enhance how customers view the world.  Imagery can communicate so much to your customer and having a professional help guide those encounters will create a lasting memory of you.  

"Writing is easy, all you have to do is cross out the wrong words"

Creative Writing

Everything you have ever read was written by someone.  Most of it is forgetable, but there are times when the written word catches you, and stays with you for life.  A simple phrase, or passage can even transform your life.  That may not be important if you need an annual report, or a new slogan, but yeah, we can do that too.

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South County Creative is your go-to for creativity

Web Design Photography Graphic Design Creative Writing

South County Creative is located in Dana Point, CA and serves businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals locally and pretty much anywhere with an internet connection.  Customer service is our number one priority and our mission is to help you with any creative project you have.  Anywhere from a simple logo to a full rebranding, South County Creative is here to help and make the whole experience super easy and straightforward.  The goal is to keep it mellow 

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We are available for in person projects locally from Los Angeles to San Diego.  For remote options, please contact us for more details